12 Best Online Writing Resources

Copywriters are artistic and emotional people whose job is to produce creative and original texts every day. But sometimes, inspiration leaves us — the topic seems boring and banal, you can’t write a single sentence, or have to force yourself to work. Even the financial component of the work and the understanding that people keep searching “how to do my paper for cheap” and are willing to pay for the college essays you have written can no longer convince you to sit down again at a workplace. How to get back into the creative track, if your ability to work depends on your creativity? Today, we offer you a ready-made collection of resources for writers. There will be both inspiring sources that can give you new insights and tools to make your work more effective and easier to live with.

For Motivation

Copyblogger is a website about content marketing, founded by Brian Clark in 2006. Today it is one of the most popular resources about how to create popular content and promote your ideas. Not only is it a place where you can get useful information on how to generate high-quality content, but it’s also a great venue to get inspired by other writers’ articles.

Daily Page is a great service that will help you train regularly in writing articles. Every morning you will receive a specific topic on which to write before the end of the day. The topics are different: sometimes you are asked to talk about something you have been hiding from a loved one for a long time, and sometimes you have to come up with a dialogue between Kanye West and a priest.

Only the lazy one hasn’t heard about Pinterest. When you want to switch from text to pictures, go to Pinterest. Useful illustrations, photos and infographics about copywriters and copywriting, and more. The most important thing is not to get stuck here for several hours, thoughtlessly saving pictures. Put a timer for a maximum of 20-30 minutes a day on the given resource and get inspired by useful tips.

When a monkey beats a drum desperately in the head and you had to write a text for yesterday, The Story Starter can come to the rescue. As we know, starting something from scratch is the hardest part. This service was recognized as one of the 101 best websites for writers. The idea is simple — you just get a random first sentence, from which you should start your story. Turn on your imagination and write!

Language is a Virus is a great website for writers. Here you not only get a task to train your skills but also can read about different creative writing techniques, as well as perform a variety of assignments and play games. The site is as easy to use and definitely deserves your attention, at least a couple of times a week.

For Language and Style

It’s impossible to imagine a writer who hasn’t heard about Grammarly. If you are one of them, you should definitely add this website to your favorites. It’s not only a useful tool that can boost your productivity and usage of language. The blog section on the website offers a diversity of articles related to writing techniques, grammar, and other aspects of the language.

The Grammarly’s competitor, LanguageTool is a free system for checking grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation. LanguageTool can be used as a desktop app or extension application. It may not offer as much advanced functionality as its competitor, but it can check texts in different languages.

The Online Writing Lab from Purdue University gathers everything a writer might need in one place. It offers educational articles and materials on styles, grammar, research, etc. It also includes various tasks, games, and assignments to check your understanding. In addition to general writing aspects, it features articles about writing about engineering, social sciences, literature, healthcare, and other subjects.

If you mainly write essays, Harvard College Writing Center is an ideal place for you. It covers everything related to the topic of essay writing — from the right way of reading the assignment and understanding it correctly to proofreading and editing your work.

When it comes to academic writing, we all have to face the challenge of using citations. SMC Library’s Introduction to Research is a manual for people who always forget about the proper way to cite in different styles or have problems with avoiding plagiarism.

If you have been looking for a resource that keeps everything about writing in one place, then UNC Writing Center Tips & Tools​​​​ is a paradise waiting for you. It covers everything about writing for different fields and subjects, various types of content, and all the steps of working on a paper. There are both articles and videos available.

Even the most experienced copywriters always have to face the humiliation of proving the uniqueness of their texts. The easiest what to prove that your text is the only one of its kind is to use the plagiarism checker. You can upload a document, insert a link, or just paste the text.

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