2 Years After Beth Chapman’s Demise, Dog Bounty Hunter Married Francie Frane

Duane Lee Chapman is a married man again

Duane Lee Chapman well known as Dog the Bounty Hunter got married again. He already has 12 children. Reality star the Dog Chapman is 68 years-old and Francie Frane is 52 years-old. This couple joined their hands on September 2, 2021 in Colorado.

It is known that Chapman’s former and fifth wife is Alice Elizabeth and they had smooth relationship for 13 years. Beth died in throat cancer after struggling 2 years with that disease. It has been two years since Beth left the world. Now the Chapman married once again.

Dog the Bounter Hunty

Chapman and Francie both lost their life partners to cancer. Francie’s former husband name is Bob, he too died in 2019. Grief and loss of their loved ones brought them together. In 2019 Dog the Bounty Hunter announced that he won’t marry again but last year he proposed Francie.

In a podcast the Dog said that he felt bad to marry again and when he read the Bible in Genesis he realized his need for life companion.

Recently this couple said they were writing marriage vows to honour their late partners. Francie said she and Dog is having different taste in picking wedding cake, so the cake is of 2 different parts.

Dog getting ready for marriage
Source: IG

Meanwhile, Chapman said that it is going to be the celebrity wedding of 2021, scoot over Blake Shelton.

In-between this marriage father and daughter controversy raised. Bonnie who is the daughter of Duane Lee Chapman said she didn’t get invited for her father’s wedding. She accused her father as racist and explained that is the reason behind the ignorance.

But Chapman refused to accept her daughters words and added she was brainwashed to say all those things. Francie addressed that was really hard and heart-breaking but they were supposed to make that decision.

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