73rd Emmy Awards’ Increased Ratings Show People’s Persistent Interest in Awards

Proof that if there is anything that Americans least likes, then these are award shows

The 73rd Emmy was dedicated to Netflix and other OTT platforms only. However, it managed to not create history and that is something good. It is because this time Emmy 2021 managed to not come under a list of underwhelming performance award shows. History has been proof that Americans just hate watching awards shows. For Americans, watching an award show is a very underwhelming task no matter who is the presenter and winner.

This time, a total of 7.4 million audiences watched Emmy 2021 which is greater and better than last year. In 2019, only 6.9 million viewers were interested in Emmys. Moreover, last year was the worst performance of Emmy. Only 6.3 million audiences were enthusiasts to watch Emmy in 2020. And that was the lowest performance of Emmy in history.

How did the viewership of Emmy Awards go down?

It is just with no Emmy, but all the award shows have noticed a steep decline in viewership. However, in the case of Emmy, its 2019 and 2020 versions were the lowest-rated ceremonies. The event began tracking its performance in the year 1990. It is since 1990, that Emmy has observed that their audience is falling year by year.

Emmys high rating shows viewers continued interest in award shows
Credit: Emmy

CBS thought that normalcy would bring their viewership back

The pandemic was hard on us. But CBC shows were were expected to perform better in 2021 after the post COVID normalcy is returning. CBC makers pledged to do the ceremony in the outdoor venue but they failed and it was held indoors. But at least they were able to stick to their theme of the red carpet in contrast to the 2020 Emmys. Anyways, the makers are less conscious that for one year the downstream in their viewership has decreased. However, the increase in numbers for 73rd Emmys reflects people’s interest in the award culture.

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