A Brief Manhattan Guide For Newcomers

Millions of people around the world would like to live in New York. New York’s population is growing every year, so it can be said that many people are really doing well there. People are moving to New York for many reasons. They want to start a new life. They want to seize the opportunities that this big city has to offer. They want to live in a city that never sleeps. They want to live their dream or just want to try it out for a few months.

Of course, the pace of life in New York doesn’t suit many people, so they end up moving away. However, more and more people are still coming to New York. No wonder New York itself and each of its parts attracts people with many great attractions and interesting lifestyles. Each part of New York offers something special and distinctive. However, if we talk about living itself and what people would like the most, it is living in Manhattan.

Manhattan is the jewel of New York. The place where everything happens. An island where the richest of the richest and the best of the best live. It is there that you can meet famous people, celebrities, the best athletes in the world and also the best shops, restaurants and the best activities ever.

Many people work in Manhattan but live in another, cheaper part of the city. However, this does not prevent them from soaking up the atmosphere of a glittering island of business and pomp of the highest caliber every day. The newcomers of New York are perhaps mostly interested in this part of the city. That’s why it’s important to find out a few important things about Manhattan in advance to help you better understand or integrate into this part of the city.

Most people think that living in Manhattan is inaccessible to them and that they can only visit it, but this is not entirely true. Thanks to Coliving, you can live directly in Manhattan at such a low price that you would never have dreamed of.

Coliving is shared living and thanks to the fact that you share the rent of the whole property with other roommates, you really only pay the price of your fully equipped room. You can live in the long or short term. It’s totally up to you. Anyway, choosing the right rooms for rent in Manhattan is crucial. But what are the things you need to know about Manhattan in advance?

The first thing you should know is that the people of Manhattan call themselves “Manhattanites.” They are basically people who have lived in Manhattan for many years or have lived right there since birth. We’ll tell you, these people sniff a newcomer in town faster than a dog can eat smoked meat. They have their slang, their special, fast walking and are characterized by self-confidence and vast knowledge of every inch of Manhattan. If you want to fit in, you should work on all of these skills once you make the move. Many people come to Manhattan with the idea that they want to fit in with the “Manhattanites.” If this is the case for you, start working on these characteristics. For only by perfecting them will you become a real inhabitant of Manhattan.

So a good way to blend in is to get acquainted with the local slang. As a New Yorker, you should know that Houston is pronounced How-ston, “The Island” refers to Long Island (not Manhattan or Staten Island) and “schmear” is what they do with bagel and cream cheese in the delicatessen. In addition, learning the jargon of a true Manhattan resident will help you avoid thieves who choose tourists and newcomers as their victims. Therefore, you should know the map of Manhattan in detail and not ask anyone on the street, because you could simply betray yourself.

Another important thing is that it’s important to look at your budget. You want to be a valid Manhattan citizen, but that doesn’t mean the city will automatically send you millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars. New York is a city that never sleeps, so you can spend money all the time if you’re not careful. It can quickly happen that you lose your money, and cannot even tell how it happened. There are many great places and events in Manhattan that are often free, so choose them and go there. Not only will you get to know people, but you will not spend a tremendous amount of money. Therefore, mostly choose events that are free.

The next information is pretty easy. Use mainly public transport. Taxis are expensive and useless, because you still spend most of your time in traffic jams. The subway is one of the best ways to move not only around New York but also around Manhattan. It’s one way to fit in. If you were to drive around Manhattan in your own car, they would rather perceive you as a fool. Very little percentage of Manhattan’s population owns a car. And even people that own one hardly use it at all. Of course, except for trips outside the city.

If you want to get involved in the whirlpool of Manhattan, you will have to make new friends and this is another step towards blending in, but it could be very easy for you as a Coliving user. If you opt for Coliving, you will probably already be living with someone who has been living there for some time and who will be able to introduce you to their friends, who will introduce you to other people and so on. Gradually, you will join the Manhattanites community so quickly that you will be amazed. Coliving is an amazing tool when it comes to this. A good way to integrate into the community is to attend various circles – painting, sculpture, Italian lessons, glass blowing, ceramics creation and so on. Many interesting people go to these circles, so you can create a wonderful social life by doing so.

So if you are considering living in New York, and in Manhattan, then your goal should be to adapt to the pace of this island. If you can do it, the city will reward you. If not, it doesn’t matter, it’s not a competition or a qualification. Above all, it is always important to be yourself and not be seduced by another lifestyle if it does not suit you.

Manhattan is an amazing place and believe us, it will be even more amazing if you fit into all its ways of life.

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