A Little Preview of the Jam Session of BTS & COLDPLAY

BTS and Coldplay coming together

There were speculations on the internet about the potential collaboration between the two giants of music world. The teaser image that was dropped by Coldplay confirmed the news. The two bands are together working on a new single called “My Universe”.

On September 13, a teaser image was dropped by Coldplay for the upcoming single which will feature BTS.

Credits: Instagram @bts.bighitofficial

The Collab that took world by the storm

The single will be written by both Coldplay and BTS and Max Martin will be overseeing the production. The song will be sung in both the languages, English and Korean, and is supposed to be released on September 24. Both bands have released the teaser for the single on their twitter handles after the announcement.

Along with the teaser, a photo of Coldplay’s pianist Chris Martin with BTS was also posted. A preview for the upcoming track was also shared on TikTok by both the bands.

Credits: open.spotify.com

The news about the collaboration got the fans hyped

The news got the fans of both the bands pretty excited for the upcoming track. There were already speculations about the bands working together for a new project. The news first surfaced on the internet on twitter in June.

For some months both BTS and Coldplay shared their perspective and admiration about one another. BTS also performed Coldplay’s hit song “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged. After the performance the band also revealed that the song was pretty crucial for them. BTS said that the song helped me in their tough time and is very close to their heart.

BTS. Coldplay Collaborate for My Universe

Coldplay praised the BTS performance on twitter and after some months also recommended BTS’s hit “Butter”. All this admiration and mentioning of one another gave fans a clue that both of them are planning something and fans were happy after this turned out to be true. “My Universe” will be out on September 24, 2021.

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