A New Adventure Awaits as Production for Season 3 Begins

Season 3 will be bigger & better!

The beloved science fiction anime, World Trigger, is rolling out with a brand new season soon, season 3. The latest trailer is out. The anime sees Osamu Mikuma , Chika Amatori, Yuma Kuga and Yuichi Jin as lead characters. The season will continue following Tamakoma the second. In an exciting return, the characters will face stronger and stronger enemies in the B-Rank Battles Arc. The latest visual for season 3 contains characters that featured at the end of season 2 as well. Hyuse and Team ace Yuma Kuga , both joined Tamakoma at the end of the previous season.

The new season witnesses the coming of two former enemies. Yes, you guessed it right it’s Hyuse and Yuma Kuga. Hyuse can be seen using his Bagworm and Yuman uses his Spider Wire, both back to back.

world trigger
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According to a statement issued by Morio Hatano, the staff has been putting in a lot of hard work and working relentlessly for the new season. Additionally, the staff seeks to represent the charisma of the anime. The young protagonists of the Anime show tremendous growth. They fight battles day after day and plan elaborate strategies for them. The anime also wants to represent the protagonist’s emotions as they battle them out.

According to the director Morio, the awaited season three of the anime will surpass the expectations of the world-trigger series fans. He goes on to say how the fans won’t be able to get enough of the episodes and will continue re-watching them.

Release date & More

The official announcement on 15th August revealed season three of world trigger will be coming sooner than you think . The premiere will be on 9th October 2021. Although the anime will be airing in Japan first. The episodes will be aired on TV Asahi in Japan. There are a total of 85 episodes to date.

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