A Popular Online Casino Promotion

Online casino promotions generally induce players to wager more and reward at least some of them. But this has to be done in an interesting manner so as to ensure that players keep coming back to the promotion. Over the last year a particular online casino promotion structure has been gaining popularity. This is because it is simple to understand, บาคาร่า sagame168th.com can sustain for a month and more and above all be overlaid with different interesting themes.

At the core of this promotion is a system of awarding points for amounts deposited and wagered by players. Different online casinos have different systems of awarding the points and also give different names to the points. In this type of promotion some online casinos are beginning to deduct points for withdrawal of funds, which is a disincentive to the player. If he wants more points then he has to leave his winnings in his casino account, which means that he will either have to keep his money idle or be tempted to wager his winnings. But a player will never get everything going his way and will have to take considered decisions.

Ultimately players who score more bonus points need to be rewarded, but this is not done so simply in this promotion. The player’s journey through the promotion is divided into stages. Players need to accumulate the specified number of points to move from one stage to the next. All players start on the first stage and then it is like a race. The promotion displays how many players are at which stage and this adds excitement and acts as an incentive. Players can check their own position on the leader board and therefore know how far they have to go.

There are different systems for rewarding players. The most common one is awarding a bonus to all players who have reached the final stage within the stipulated time period. Some online casinos offer an additional benefit. They also enter all the players who have made it to the final stage in a lucky draw contest for an even bigger prize. This type of online casino promotion runs for at least a month. Therefore it is customary to offer bonus prizes at intermediate levels so as to keep the players interested. These prizes could be linked to the intermediate stages. However in most cases prizes are offered on fixed days of the week based on the recent wagering levels of players. Some prizes are randomly offered so as to attract low rollers who would not realistically have a chance of winning if all bonuses were awarded to those with highest wagering.

The best part of this type of online casino promotion is that a number of different themes can be superimposed on the basic structure. Some time back an online casino ran this promotion in the format of a bank heist. The different stages were the steps taken in the bank heist like assembling the team, getting the maps and the final stage was opening the safe. In December such promotions are given a Christmas theme like Santa being held captive at the South Pole and players having to free him before Christmas. The most common theme is that of journeying across the world. There was a promotion that visited the gambling hot spots like Macau, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Las Vegas in this trans-global journey.

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