AB6IX Marks Comeback with a Logo Motion Teaser of Upcoming Album “MO’COMPLETE”

AB6IX’S comeback

Korean boyband AB6IX has confirmed their comeback. While their second full length album named “MO’ COMPLETE” is set to release on 27th of September at 6 PM KST, AB6IX has revealed a logo motion teaser today.


The teaser video is full of computer graphics. It starts with the word “B’COMPLETE” being typed onto the screen and the song “Breath” is playing in the background. B’COMPLETE is their debut album as well as Breath is their debut title track. Then the keyword “DREAM” appears following by the group most recent title track “Close” playing in the background. And then finally the name of the album “MO’COMPLETE”. Seems like this album will be somehow linked with AB6IX’s debut album.

AB6IX- Instagram

his boyband debuted in 2019 as a five- piece boy group under Brand New Music. Their first full length album “6ixense” was released in October of the same year. And 2 other projects in 2020. Lim Young Min, the former leader left the group in June 2020. Currently there are four members in AB6IX – Jeon Woong, Park Woo Jin, Kim Dong Hyun, Lee Dae Hwi.

Link with the debut album

This upcoming album will be AB6IX’s third comeback this year. After January’s “Salute: A new hope” the group’s second comeback was in April of this year when they released their fourth mini album “MO’COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM”. “Close”, the title track of that album revolves around believing in oneself. Park Woo Jin himself wrote and composed that song. Actually all the four members participated in writing and composing all the five songs of that album which includes “Merry Go Round”, “Lululala”, “A Long Winter”.

Mo'complete: have a dream
AB6IX- Instagram

In a four star review of the group’s April release NME’s Jovi Ho has written that “MO’COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM” offers spirited and decent compilation of tried and true dance pop sound.

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