AEW’s Miro Retains TNT Title on Rampage

Miro would once again defend his TNT Championship on AEW Rampage, and this time it would be a rematch against the newly signed Fuego del Sol in a Car vs Title Match. Yes, that’s right, car vs title. Del Sol evaded Miro and got a kick in on Miro’s leg, and then he evaded Miro again and got another kick in. He was playing keep away a bit, frustrating Miro, and del Sol got two more kicks in and then dodged a punch and a kick and then followed it up by pulling the rope down and sending Miro over, though Miro caught him in an attempted splash.

That backfired on Miro, who escaped and sent Miro into the ring post, and then he sent him headfirst into the ring post again and followed that up with another move that sent Miro reeling to the floor. Then miro caught his next move and flipped him over, but the fans caught him and helped him try again, though Miro suplexed him hard to the floor.

Miro then had del Sol in a bear hug, but after escaping he evaded another charge and sent Miro into the turnbuckle, and then del Sol rocked Miro with a kick to the head. More punches to the head, and then a gorgeous leap off the ropes met Miro’s fists, knocking him hard down to the mat.

Miro went for a Tornado DDT but del Sol evaded and hit the double stomp to the chest and then he hit one to the back. Miro caught him but del Sol evaded, only to meet huge punches from Miro that knocked him down in the corner. Miro then hit a huge kick to the face and followed it up with a kick to the back of the head. Miro pinned him and retained his title. He then put the lanyard and the car keys into del Sol’s mouth and choked him out, but Sammy Guevara would run out and snatch his TNT title. He also had some harsh words for the Champion, twisting his God’s Chosen mantle and naming him “God’s favorite b****”, and that upset Miro quite a bit.

Here’s the full card for tonight’s Rampage:

The Lucha Bros (C) defeated The Butcher & The Blade

Anna Jay defeated The Bunny

Miro defeated Fuego del Sol (Car vs Title Match)

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