After Teaser Reveal, Netflix Unveils Character Posters with Introductions

Hype is through the roof for these DC Comics characters

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the first live-action adaptation of DC Comics’ The Sandman. We got to see the iconic scene that starts the dark fantasy story. Occultist Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) plans to capture Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), one of the Endless. The Endless are immortal beings that were alive since the dawn of time. But instead of capturing Death, he catches Dream (Tom Sturridge).

Netflix also released character posters of three Endless: Dream, Death and Desire (Mason Alexander Park). Posters of their siblings are also out, and each of them represent the sibling it belongs to – Dream’s helm, Death’s ankh, and Desire’s glass heart.

Here’s a short intro on the siblings, the initial three out of seven Endless.

1. Dream

Dream Poster

Dream is both the lord and personification of all dreams and stories. Everything that is not in reality belongs to him. He is known by other names, like Morpheus and Oneiros. His appearance can change depending on the person seeing him. But he usually appears as a tall, thin man with skin as pale as snow. They are sometimes more silver or blue than white. But when angered, he turns red.

Empire Magazine had named him as the sixth-greatest comic book character.

2. Death

Death Poster

In the series, Death is both the end of life, and a spiritual guide to the afterlife. Like most depictions, Death’s role is to meet the recently deceased and guides them to their new existence. But unlike other depictions, she also visits them when they’re born. Despite being Death incarnate, she’s known to be pleasant, down-to-earth, perky, and a nurturing soul. This irony helped her gain a lot of popularity.

3. Desire

Desire Poster

Desire is a strikingly beautiful figure, who is shown to be genderfluid. They can be both male and female, depending on the situation. Their brethren often refer to them as “sibling,” particularly Dream. Desire has an ability to blend into any environment. They are also the cruellest of the siblings, and is obsessed with interfering in the affairs of their siblings. They’re also not always aware of the consequences of their actions.

There are more characters to be introduced, and an intro will be done on them as well.

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