Aiden Turner to Lead the Upcoming Series ‘The Suspect’

A novel getting a series adaptation

A novel written by Michael Robotham called The Suspect has been ordered to get a small-screen adaptation. The adaptation was ordered by the British Broadcaster.

Majority of the audience is often hooked with the American series. However, there are a great number of people out there who enjoy watching British series as well. And the news about this adaptation got the fans of the novel as well as the British series watchers excited.

In fact, so many people overlook the British television series out there that are true gems. However, with holiday season around the corner people can easily binge some British series and enjoy them as well. And the upcoming adaptation of The Suspect will surely be one of the great series.

Aidan Turner
Credits: BBC

Aiden Turner will be playing one of the suspects in the suspect

Just recently, the news came out that Aiden Turner will be the star of the series. Aiden Turner is known for his role in the series Poldark and Being Human.

Additionally, Aiden Turner will be playing the role of a doctor who also has a dark side. The Suspect will be a drama that will come to ITV. In addition, the upcoming drama will contain five parts. World Productions will be the producer of the series.

World Productions is known for it’s series like The Bodyguard and The Pembrokeshire Murder. Shaun Parkes, Sian Clifford, and Camilla Beeput will star alongside Turner in the series. Additionally, Adam James and Anjli Mohindra will also be in the series.

Aidan Turner
Credits: BBC

Joe getting involved in the investigation is one of the interesting points

Aiden Turner will be playing the role of Doctor Joe O’Loughlin. Joe, in the series, seems to be leading a perfect life. The plot of the series follows the events of an investigation. A dead body of a young girl is found in a small grave in the cemetery of West London. The investigation is assigned to Deputy Inspector Vincent Ruiz and his partner Detective Sergeant Riya Devi. However, has the young woman committed suicide or has she been murdered is the real question.

Additionally, it would be interesting to see how Joe factors into this investigation and what part he will play. Fans will find out what happens when the series airs in late 2022.

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