Amber Heard Issues Subpoenas against the LAPD Over 2016 Domestic Disturbance Case

Heard has taken action against the cops for the second time

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation battle takes yet another bad turn as Heard drags the cops into their case once more.

Heard and her legal team issued subpoenas approved by Fairfax County on September 20. Their objective is to scoop up whatever they can from the LAPD and the group of officers who came to investigate the 2016 domestic disturbance incident.

The terms

Amber Heard in 2020
Credit: PA:Press Association

The first set of subpoenas from Heard’s team required the cops to “produce the records, books, documents, electronically stored information and tangible things designated and described below.” The new one also issues the same items. Similar to the first subpoena, the new one issued for body-camera footage or lack thereof from Officers Melissa Saenz and Tyler Hadden.

Whats new, and worse, is that Heard now wants to drag the two officers and two others’ records and reputations into the spotlight. Simply put, the case is now a he said/she said event.

Long list of cases

Johnny Depp in 2020
Credit: AFP or licensors

The new case adds on to the March 2019 defamation filed by Depp. The second one is Heard’s $100 million countersuit set for trial next year.

The LAPD gave out a judicious reply, saying they don’t intend to comment on open or pending litigation. However, they did receive the subpoena.

Heard’s team also wants all documents and communications of any nature related to the investigation, as well as information regarding disciplinary action taken against the two officers.

Heard was unsuccessful when she issued subpoenas in the past for the case’s dismissal. She had also sent ones to Disney, the ACLU and Elon Musk.

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