American Crime Story’ Returns with Monica Lewinsky’s Stirring Story

The horrors of the political office

American Crime Story is an American anthology crime television series, developed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Various notorious high profile cases, involving powerful people, are recreated in this series. With, considering new perspectives and factual evidence that gives a distinct view into these cases. Currently, the series is available on Disney+ for two seasons.

The third season will explore the scandal that led to the first impeachment proceedings in a century. A television premiere is schedule for September 7 only on FX.

Seasons two and three focused on

The last two seasons presented different cases. Hence, the first season of the show centred around O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. However, the second season, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”, shows Andrew Cunanan as the murderer of popular designer Gianni Versace. But, season three depicts the story of the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

Monica Lewinsky was in her early 20s. When she was appointed to serve as an intern in the white house. She graduated to a paid role in the Clinton administration in 1995. Later she deluded how then president Mr. Clinton had nine sexual encounters with her, during his reign.

Monica Lewinsky
Credit: ABC News

Cast & Crew and The Release Date

The recently dropped trailer revealed that Clive Owen will play the role of Bill Clinton and Beanie Feldstein is playing the role of Monica Lewinsky. In addition, trailer also reveals that Annaleigh Ashford, Sarah Paulson, Cobbie Smulders and Billy Eichner will also appear on the show as Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge.

Michael Uppendahl is the director and executive producer of the show. And Sarah Burgess is set to write the script and is also serving as an executive producer with him. The trailer shows a recorded conversation which almost brought down Clinton’s Administration.

The show will be release on September 7 only on FX.


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