Among Us Back: Mod Menu Unlocked v2020.10.22

Latest patch includes no ban, always being imposter, and other things

Let’s start with an introduction of the game itself. Among Us is an online multiplayer. The game is about a bunch of space crew doing various tasks in their spaceship or in various bases, but the catch is that there will be imposters among them. For a five-person match, there will be one imposter, and for a ten-person match, there will be two imposters. You can even make it three for the latter, but players rarely opt to do it. So while the crew members are out doing tasks, the imposters have to go around killing them. Players can call an emergency meeting if they see a dead body or if they go to the main room and press on the emergency button and have to discuss and find out who the imposters are.

If you want to see some gameplays to familiarise yourself with the game, check out the YouTube channels of PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Corpse Husband. Understand how imposters work, know from players’ play patterns to find out if they are being suspicious and understand other things as well.

Hack details

Among us

The various hacks included in Among Us are wall hack, always imposter, speed hack, being able to unlock all pets, skins, and hats, no cooldown between kills, etc. Here’s them in detail:

  1. No Kill Cooldown: After you make a kill, there’s always a waiting period before you can kill again. With the hack, you can go for double and triple kills and quickly finish the match.
  2. Identifying the imposter: Useful for players who are crew mates. With this, you can identify the imposter in no time and avoid from getting killed.
  3. Wall Hack: Similar to how a ghost moves through walls, you can run in between them without finding the doorway, and make kills or finish tasks quickly.
  4. Light Hack: Imposters can switch off the lights, make it easier for them to make kills and slip by crew mates. With this hack, you will be able to see clearly even when the lights are off.
  5. Speed Hack: Speed hack can be used to change your movement speed and zoom around and kill crew members as you please.
  6. No Ads: Enjoy an ad-free gameplay with this hack. Once you download it, you will be able to enable the No Ads option from the mod menu.
  7. No Ban: Others will not be able to kick you out of the lobby.
  8. See Ghosts and their chats: It’s useful if you are a crewmate. You can determine the imposter from the chats of crewmates who had already been killed.

Details of Among Us Mod/Hack APK/iOS :

Apk name Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS
Apk Version 2020.9.9
Apk Size 70 MB
Last Update 10 September 2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
iOS Support Yes

How to install the Version 2020.10.22 hack APK in your smartphone

  • Delete the already existing game from your device
  • Download the mod version from the third party link
  • Make sure the file is not corrupted or has malware of any sorts. If it does, delete it immediately.
  • Once you have the hack APK installed, you will see a mod menu when you open the game.
  • Select the hacks you want from the menu and start playing.

How to install the hack in your PC

  • Make sure you have Bluestacks Android Emulator installed in your PC
  • Now download the mod menu APK.
  • Using the Bluestacks emulator, install the APK.

Common FAQs regarding the new hack

1. Is the hack free to download?

Answer: Yes, every gamer can access this free of cost.

2. Are there ads?

Answers: No, there are no annoying ads.

3. Is it safe?

Answer: Yes, the hack is completely safe from virus attacks and malwares of any sort, so go ahead.

In conclusion, the hack is useful to get you out of tricky situations, but by using it, the thrill of the game will be lost. This is not Grand Theft Auto with high end vehicles and weapons, but a fun mystery game to play with friends. So using hacks will destroy its purpose. You can try it out anyway, as it’s completely safe and you might be able to enjoy a few matches and confuse other players.

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