An Interesting Teaser Image for CERBERUS by Pentagon, and Fans Can’t Keep Calm

New single teaser raises excitement

K-pop , a famous genre of music that has originated from South Korea . This genre of music has taken the world by a storm.

Pentagon is a famous south Korean boy band known for its pop music. The band was formed in 2016 by cube entertainment. It was lead by Hui who is a song writing genius. The band’s fans were left heartbroken when Hui had to enlist for his mandatory part time military service this year, on February 18 2021. Meanwhile band member Kino will be the band leader.

Pentagon | Instagram

The band members include Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo one, Yan An ,Yuto ,Kino and Wooseok. Currently three members of the boy band including Wooseok ,Kino and Yuto have collaborated to release the single CERBERUS.

They first hinted at the song by dropping a cryptic teaser. The teaser featured an image of three-headed dog etched on the side of a car.

New Single

Pentagon released their 11th mini album in March which was titled ,’Love or take.” This will be their first music release post that. The band confirmed the forthcoming single ”CERBERUS” on 10th August via their official twitter handle.

Pentagon | Twitter

The official announcement on Twitter also gave fans a glimpse of the cover art. Teasing that the single will feature band members Kino , Yuto and Wooseok. The upcoming single is generating a lot of buzz on twitter and other platforms. It will roll out with it next week on 18th August 2021 at 6:00PM Korean standard time.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the latest single. It is unclear if the rest of the boy band has played some role in the single or if it will just be by it’s three members . Since the release date is getting closer, The ever famous Pentagon is likely to drop more details about CERBERUS in the days leading up to its release.

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