Angelina Jolie Marks Instagram Debut for a Holy Purpose

Angelina Jolie shared a letter from an Afghan girl

Should we bow? Yes, we should bow because Angelina Jolie is a queen. Angelina was never on Instagram until she made her debut freshly. Her Instagram debut is not for any movie promotion but a holy purpose. She raised a voice that many people from another continent couldn’t. Angelina Jolie’s Instagram debut was cherished by her fans because she did something very unexpected.

Read below to know more about Angelina Jolie’s Instagram debut.

Angelina has debuted on Instagram and dedicated her first post to Afghan teen girl

As the rights of Afghan females are being snatched once again, Angelina has come up to speak for them. She has raised the voice in a time when even solely committed people are unable to help Afghanis. She posted a photo of a letter that she received from an Afghani teen girl. The girl shared her horrible fear to face women’s rights being torn in the Taliban’s regime.

Angelina Jolie Instagram debut
Credit: Instagram | Angelina Jolie

Angelina also wrote a very overwhelming caption that described her experience of a trip 20 years ago she made to Afghanistan two weeks before 9/11. She described her experiences of seeing Afghani refugees fleeing the Taliban captured Afghanistan 20 years ago.

She also criticized the world leaders who are just watching and let the Taliban destroy the country again. Angelina posted the letter in a carousel form that included a photo of women covered from head to toe.

The letter Angelina posted was extremely worth worrying

Angelina Jolie Instagram debut

The girl who wrote the letter was afraid that whether the Taliban has changed their extremely sexist nature or not. She also described how afraid she is over losing the education and opportunity to grow. At last, the actress pledged to stay committed and fight for the people in Afghanistan.

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