Another Spin-Off! Netflix Set to Bring “On My Block” Spin-Off “Freeridge”

“On My Block” spin-off on the block!

Netflix has announced a spin-off for the popular comedy drama “On My Block” titled “ Freeridge”.

While On My Block follows the story of a group of 4 friends who goes to high school, this new show will start it’s journey with completely different cast and crew. “Freeridge” will take place in the same fictional town of L.A as “On My Block” following a new group of friends.

“On My Block” spin off announced by Netflix, titled “Freeridge”
Kevin Estrada/Netflix

In here they will focus on another side of the town. The streaming giant says this new friends group may or may not have released a deadly curse leading them to an unforgettable adventure. The creator has also revealed that “Freeridge” will be more like a female driven show.

Behind the show:

The original show “On My Block” stars Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray and Diego Tinoco plus Jessica Marie Garcia. This hit Netflix series has 8 out of 10 iMDB rating while Rotten Tomatoes rated it 95 percent.

Netflix has ordered the spin off with “On My Block” co creators Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzales and Jeremy Haft. And Jamie Uyeshiro who wrote the whole four seasons of “On My Block” will be co producing “Freeridge” along with Jamie Dooner. He will also serve as showrunner with Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft.

The showrunner trio said in a joint statement that one of the greatest thing about the show was fans telling them how the show has make them felt listened and represented. They also said that as “Freeridge” will be a women driven show they will try to put more authentic characters that represents the passionate audience.

“On My Block” spin off announced by Netflix, titled “Freeridge”

Additionally the fourth and final season of “On My Block” will be released on Netflix in 4th of October. The streaming service said that with the ending of the original squad’s story fans will now get to explore a new side of the fictional town in “Freeridge”.

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