Anthony Mackie Returns! To Lead with the Shield in Fourth Sequel f Captain America

Will Anthony Mackie Be In The Spotlight?

A Marvel’s fan never underestimates its power to produce such creative films.

Anthony Mackie signed a deal to return as Falcon to the MCU(Marvel’s Cinematic Universe), to take the lead. Surely a scene from Avengers: Endgame where Steve Rogers hands over the shield to Sam stated something. Which meant that, from then Falcon will take over the lead.

For Mackie everything changed in Disney+ and Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Soon after the end of ‘The Falcon and the Winter soldier’, reports claimed to have the fourth instalment of Captain America with a well known face.

Instagram post about the show of the Falcon and Winter soldier.
Instagram/ falconandwintersoldier

As of now, since the shield was passed on to Sam he will now be in the spotlight to take lead.

Updates On Mackie’s Character in Captain America 4

It is confirmed that, this will be Mackie’s first solo debut in MCU. Mackie also starred in movies like 8 mile, The Hurt Locker and Million dollar baby. He also debuted as Sam Wilson in 2014 Captain America.

Although he started his career in 2002, he now stands to be a lead character in his next movie. As Cap’s right wing-man, Steve Rogers felt that he was ready. And he accepted it by passing on his shield. The curiosity to the statement was at peak. But now fans can confirm Falcon’s solo performance.

Will Bucky Return To Captain America 4?

Malcolm Spellman, show-runner of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is reportedly composing the script alongside Dallan Musson. It is still unclear that if Sebastian Stan returns as Bucky. This question may have raised to many fans if they had watched their show in Disney +.

Bucky and Sam’s bond in the show was well accepted and many feel that if this duo could return.

Anthony Mackie shares his friendship goals in his Instagram post.
Instagram/ Anthony Mackie

Captain America 4 itself is a great revelation to the fans. Sam Wilson’s capability to lead will be an immense question to the audience.

All the updates are still not revealed. As it is a long way ahead to create such masterpiece that too without Captain America. But when Captain America is confident with Sam, fans too are confident to see The Falcon in the ‘Spot-light’.

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