Apple TV+ Drops Teaser for Jon Stewart Starrer “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

Jon Stewart Returning on the television

Jon Stewart is returning on television on 30th October with “The Problem With Jon Stewart”. Apple TV+ has released a brand new teaser of the show on 21st September.

About “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will be dealing with current issues or “problems” in different perspective with experts and individual impacted by those problems. After leaving comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in 2015 this show will be Jon Stewart’ comeback in the television. Stewart said the show will be more focused on serious topics and less jokes.

Stewart after exiting “The Daily Show”

Stewart wrote and directed a movie named “Irresistible” after leaving “The Daily Show” starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne. It is comedy film about politics. In September, Jon Stewart said in an statement that he got brunt out in the pace of “The Daily Show” also said it was his inability to evolve the show to another satisfying place. He said, he knew he could play out the string. But that did not feel satisfying for him or even for the audience. He wanted to give people a chance to fall in love with show again and in a different way, then get disappointed with it, because it is the cycle.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” will start from 30th of next month and will air every week. Episodes will be one hour long. The 30 second teaser consisted of a few glimpses which gave us an idea about what is stored ahead. Jon Stewart will be the host as well as executive producer of the show. He will produce it vis “Busboy Production”.

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