Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s Cast gets Bigger with Addition of Vincent Regan, Jani Zhao and Indya Moore

New cast in The Aquaman sequel

New actors are reportedly joining the cast of “Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” which is going to release on 2022.

Indya Moore, Jani Zhao and Vincent Regan are going to be a part of the upcoming Aquaman sequel. Director and producer James Wan announced in social media as they started filming for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” at the end of June.

Stellar team:

Indya Moore will be playing the role of Karshon, DC comics fans are well aware of the character.

Indya Moore
Indya Moore | Instagram

Karshon, who was originally an ordinary shark, gained intelligence and telepathic power after being struck with radiation. Karshon’s character was created by John Broome and Gil Kane who first appeared in 1963s Green Lantern #24. Indya Moore has also worked in the popular TV show “pose”.

On the other side Jani Zhao will be seen as Stingray, a mysterious character originally created by the movie. Fans are still not sure if the character is evil or good which seems like they have to wait more to clear this confusion.

Vincent Regan, another new cast will play Atlan. Atlan is the ruler of Atlantis who was also the reason behind Atlantis sinking into the sea. The character made his first appearance on 2018’ “Aquaman” movie. This is a recasting as in the last film Atlan’s role was played by Graham McTavish. The actor Vincent Regan is well known for his role in “Poldark”, “Flesh and Blood”

Return of old characters

Jason Momoa plays the half human half and Atlantean hero Aquaman. It has been also confirmed that Randall Park is coming to the film to reprise his role of Dr. Stephen Shin from the first film.

The upcoming sequel of Aquaman is written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and it’s scheduled to release on next year, 16th of December.

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