Arby’s Is Selling Dungeons & Dragons Dice

Arby’s briefly had some of their surprisingly popular polyhedral dice up for sale, although the dice set sold out in less than 2 hours. Yesterday, Arby’s announced that they were selling complete D&D dice sets on their online merchandise store. Each dice is made of a clear material with a small Arby’s hat embedded inside. Each dice features gold lettering and are emblazoned with a teeny Arby’s logo in place of its highest number. The entire dice set costs $12.

Like several other fast food chains, Arby’s has built up a popular social media following over the years due largely to its use of geek-themed memes. Arby’s will reference just about any geek property or game, ranging from Cowboy Bebop to comics to D&D. The dice are actually a throwback to a viral 2019 post made by Arby’s, which showed off a DIY dice tower made of an Arby’s cup and straws. The post also featured the dice seen above, along with a set of dice that looked suspiciously liked sliced beef. Arby’s put up their dice set for sale but quickly ran out of stock. It seems that Arby’s knows that D&D fans want the meats….and by meats, we mean dice.

This isn’t the first time that a fast food chain has dipped their toe in roleplaying games. Wendy’s released a full tabletop roleplaying game back in 2019 called Feast of Legends that granted players advantages if they played while actively consuming Wendy’s products, while KFC released a dating simulator appropriately titled “I Love You, Colonel Sanders: A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.”

Unfortunately, Arby’s sold out of the dice within two hours of adding them to their store, so you can’t purchase them at the moment. However, you can give Arby’s your email to be notified when they come back in stock. You can check out the Arby’s D&D dice on their merch site, as well as many other Arby-themed pieces of merchandise.

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