ARMY Gears Up as ‘BTS’ Divulged Details about Upcoming Album in a Fan Meet

The Highly Anticipated Album Of BTS

BTS, a name that rings a bell for its blockbuster super-hit music and a global fanbase. The boy band has never failed to impress the music lovers around the world. However, the newest and most-anticipated album KTH1’s update has made the fans go crazy and wild.

Taehyung also called as V from BTS revealed about the new album. He additionally described how he felt about it and its outcome. He is working more on his previous music as he felt it didn’t satisfy him.

In a fan meet, revealing about his upcoming work V talked about the song that was given to him, and songs he developed himself. However, neither of them could kept him engaged. It worried him that his fans, ARMY, would have the reaction to them. Keeping hopes of fans high, he assured that he’s remaking the songs step. “I’m working hard,” he affirmed.

Is It Worth The Wait?

person who is responsible for the ARMY'S big treat
BTS/ Instagram

BTS holds the strongest and most loyal fan base, and hence they’re ready to wait till it’s officially released. From their debut songs to present, there’s ‘never back down’ for the band, and no compromising when it comes to give mind blowing performances. BTS is also a reason for K-Pop to gain such fame and reputation around the world.

‘Dynamite’ as the name refers, a brilliant piece, was holding on the number one place in Billboard Hot 100 making it as the first all-Korean to reach this milestone.

check out their reaction for gaining a place Billboards top 100:

The Recipe For A Perfect Treat

Since it’s Taehyung first mix tape release he is a bit nervous, to support him the Chicken Noodle Soup rapper added, “Since this is your very first time, you will have certain expectations about the attention and love, you will get. But this won’t be your last release ever.”

Taehyung agreed to it and is promising that it will be his best mix tape because there is his mixture of hard work and dedication and also support from ‘the boys.’

BTS | Army | K-pop
BTS | Instagram

V also shared a snippet from the unreleased mix tape of himself relaxing while canoeing, which makes it a blessing to watch. He also confessed that it is an ‘eternal bliss’ state of mind .

It’s considered as a perfect ‘Treat’ by the BTS ARMY.

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