Asmongold Slams “Embarrassingly Pathetic” New World in Rant About What Needs to Change

Asmongold is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world right now, and in addition to streaming Final Fantasy XIV and slamming the “trash” World of Warcraft community, he’s been playing and streaming lots of New World, Amazon’s hit new MMO releasing soon that has been making waves in its Beta form. That said, while Asmongold has been playing the game a lot, it doesn’t mean he’s been enjoying every minute of it. While the streamer believes the game can be great, he says it has a lot of things it needs to change first.

Speaking during a recent interview, Asmongold slammed the PvP combat as “boring” and the net code as “embarrassingly bad,” before diving into some of the finer details the game hasn’t gotten right.

“Then you’ve got other little things, and these aren’t even little things but comparatively to the game not working they are,” said Asmongold. “The alligators at level 11 behave the exact same as the alligators at level 63. It’s garbage. The mob variety is pathetic, and their solution to that is to reskin certain mobs and make them look different. Well, it’s just the same NPC, it does the same exact things. You want to have someone encounter enemies and not be able to beat them, and then have extremely skilled player be able to beat them. I think New World really just doesn’t have that.”

The streamer continued:

“I cannot emphasize enough how embarrassingly pathetic it is that there are so few NPCs and so few different mob types in a game that is made by a company worth over a trillion dollars. It’s pathetic,” he concluded.”

In the same breath, Asmongold noted that while there’s much about the game that frustrates him as a player, he believes the potential is there.

“I think the game has a lot of potential, but I think what New World should focus on right now is to fix the problems that the current game has,” said the streamer. “They’ve pushed this game back over a year. It’s an insane amount of time for them to have to push it back, and I’m totally okay with it. I know what’ll happen if they release it and it’s bad; people won’t come back. I’m very frustrated about a lot of the problems that New World has, but I actually have a lot of faith in the game, and the simple reason for that is because I complained about half of these things and they made them better. They listened to feedback. I think the development studio has shown themselves to be incredibly receptive to feedback in a positive way, and that’s why I have so much faith in the game, however, right now it’s just simply not ready.”

New World is set to release on September 28, 2021, which may seem like plenty of time to address its various issues, but it’s not. In other words, it remains to be seen if the dev team will be able to tweak enough of the game to win over Asmongold and other players who have voiced similar concerns.

H/T, Dexerto.

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