Attack on Titan Cosplay Brings the Jaw Titan to Life

Attack on Titan may be on a break right now, but the show will not be gone for much longer. The series is expected to finish up Eren’s story later this year as season four makes its big return. Of course, this means the fandom is gearing up for the finale, and one is celebrating the series with a special Jaw Titan cosplay.

The Attack on Titan piece comes from the Instagram user kappy_w as you can see below. Their cosplay brings the Jaw Titan to life as fans have seen in season four to date, and it goes the distance to bring the soldier to life.

“I had such a hard time making this titan kdjsj, I tried so many new techniques ;; and again my tiny body doesn’t match this big face aaaah – saperlipopette-, so, I’m not convinced of the result but I think this is the best I can do for now,” the cosplay captions the look.

Looking at this Attack on Titan cosplay, it is hard to spot any kind of flaw. The fan somehow brought the behemoth to life using some wigs, face paint, and a lot of shading. The cosplay comes together with some optical illusions that totally change the cosplay’s face. And if Levi were to see this, well – let’s say he would be ready to fight on the spot.

This kind of impressive cosplay takes serious effort to put together, so we’ve got nothing but praise for kappy_w. If you want to see more of their pieces, you can find them over on Instagram here.

As for Attack on Titan, the show is expected to return with season four at the end of this year if not early next. The finale will follow Eren as he continues his rebellion against the army, and if you cannot wait to find out what happens, the full manga can be read online through Crunchyroll or Comixology.

Are you loving this Attack on Titan cosplay? How excited are you to check on the rest of season four? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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