Balenciaga Invites ‘The Simpsons’ To The Paris Fashion Week!

Balenciaga Uses A Different Strategy To Reach Out Many

Balenciaga collaborated with ‘The Simpsons’. For this years Fashion Week it was something unimaginable. But Balenciaga went a step ahead to create awareness of its brand along with its new products. They also premiered a special episode for the fashion week.

The Simpsons carrying out the new looks from Balenciaga
Youtube/ The Simpsons x Balenciaga

But a star studded appearance in the Fashion week was something great. A 10 minutes episode of The Simpsons was also released. The episode was released at the Théâtre du Châtelet.

Celebrities like Cardi B, Isabelle Huppert, Naomi Campbell and Elliot Page flaunted themselves into the red carpet. However, this years was a quite different as the Simpsons too visited the Fashion Week.

Balenciaga Creative Director’s Love For The Simpsons

It was Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia who collaborated with The Simpsons. But to his surprise the creators too were a fan of his work. And hence agreed to collaborate with the brand.

So the episode included the cartoon version of Gvasalia. Along with Vogue’s Anna Wintour on the cover of the magazine in the cartoon. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian too were featured in the cartoon. Their recreation is a success as the brand thought out of the box for the fashion week.

The story of the episode too went well with the brand’s statement. Homer Simpson is seen requesting Gvasalia to loan a gown. As Marge’s birthday nears, he was busy getting himself a rest. Also the popular characters were featured in the episode. Mo the Bartender, Chief Wiggum, and Smithers are seen in Balenciaga’s looks.

A Snap from the episode of The Simpsons x Balenciaga
Youtube/ The Simpsons x Balenciaga

More Details On The Fashion Week

Homer Simpson flaunts his belly covered with a puffer jacket. Which Anna Wintour loved at first sight. Whereas Lisa Simpson walked in a red ballroom gown which was worn by actress Isabelle Huppert.

Marge Simpson outshined with a look from “the blue show” of Balenciaga. Kanye West was all black from top to bottom. Kim also did the red version of her Met Gala look. Both were dressed in Balenciaga’s custom made product.

‘The Simpsons’ version was well executed by Balenciaga. The episode too was well entertaining to all the attendees at the fashion week.

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