Band members Jungwoo and Haechan Open Instagram Accounts

The Speculations

It has been an eventful morning for NCT 127 fans. The band has dropped a lot of updates recently and we can’t keep calm. NCT 127 might be hinting at a possible comeback.

NCTzens , known as the fans of NCT, spotted a mysterious change on the official Instagram handle of NCT. The layout of the band’s Instagram handle has been completely changed.

Additionally, Band members Jungwoo and Haechan recently opened their accounts on Friday 20th August. They are the last two members of the band to join the platform.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the move when the following of the Official Instagram account of NCT increased by 2. Now that all of the band members are on Instagram some quirky interactions are expected by the fans.

credit : Instagram

The news of Jungwoo or Kim Jung – Woo and Haechan or Lee Dyong Hyuck arrival’s on Instagram spread like Wildfire. The accounts already have over a million followers. 1.5 million and 1.2 million respectively. Jungwoo’s Instagram handle is @ncit_kimjw and Haechaen’s account is @fullsun_ncit. Currently, both of their followers are increasing by the minute even though they haven’t posted anything yet.

nct 127
credit : instagram

Rumours about the band making a comeback have already started doing the rounds. The NCT crew has started portraying a schoolboy concept for the band. They have also changed the bio of the account to ” NEO culture Institute of technology.”

The band took fans back to their school days with their school day post and stories.

credit : nct127 | Instagram

The meme fest

The band’s latest updates were so sudden and unexpected they quickly spread and started a hilarious meme fest on twitter. The excitement over the possibility of a comeback isn’t dying anytime soon and Twitter continues to flood with hilarious memes.

Reportedly, the South Korean boy band is launching a full album in September.

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