Becky Lynch’s Original SummerSlam Plans Reportedly Revealed

Becky Lynch made her long-awaited return at SummerSlam, and the WWE star’s return helped make what was set to be a disappointing segment because of the absence of Sasha Banks one of the most talked-about segments coming out of SummerSlam. That said, the conversation around it was quite divisive, with many having an issue not with Lynch winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship but in the method of her win, which was to squash Bianca Belair in under 30 seconds. On the newest episode of The Mat Men podcast, Andrew Zarian explained what the original plans for Lynch at SummerSlam were, and while she was meant to appear at the show, the actual title change was a last-minute decision (via WrestleTalk).

“I was told this was not gonna be the ending, obviously. She was gonna show up on this card. Becky Lynch was always gonna come out for this live crowd. That was not something that was last minute,” Zarian said. “The title change was the difference, that was something new. That was not planned…that was an adjustment, they made it and we’ll see where it goes on Friday.”

Ironically everything leading. up to the Championship squash was fantastic and went over like gangbusters with the fans. They were losing their minds when Lynch came to the ring, and seeing Belair’s reaction was priceless as well. It was the decision to have Lynch hit one move on Belair to take the title that fans had issues with, and is the most buzzed-about angle regarding Lynch’s return coming out of the event.

Lynch is set to appear for the first time since SummerSlam this Friday on SmackDown, and we will no doubt get some sort of promo explaining why she returned at SummerSlam and more importantly why she attacked Belair after a handshake before the bell had even rung. We’ll also likely get a good look at Lynch’s heel persona, which according to reports was her idea regarding her return.

Lynchy left WWE as the most over anti-hero babyface in the company, so it remains to be seen if fans will really boo her on SmackDown. I mean, Banks is a heel too and she gets massive cheers.

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