Bella Hadid Opens Up About her Search for an ‘Incredible Life’ Amidst the Glitz and Glamour of her World

The world of glitter comes at a cost!

Bella Hadid, a supermodel who entered modelling industry at a young age and was doing well with it. She didn’t want to embrace a life which was against her will and a career which would make her to project herself as a person who had no issue. But she ended up having an

At first it was all about showing people what a model’s life would be like, but it affected her personal mental health and it took time for her to realize that it was time to look after herself.

In an interview by Vogue magazine, Bella was all herself and expressed her pressure in modelling at an early age. Bella also expressed how she felt the pressure of her model life immensely in her teenage and cried everyday, every single morning and every single lunch break. She also became emotionally unstable and would breakdown while walking in a runway .She worked at least 14 hours a day for four months straight as an 18 year old.

She also felt guilty for not living an ‘incredible life’ and also felt that there were two Bella’s with different perspective in the field of modelling.

Bella Hadid
Instagram | Bella Hadid

A Break From Social Media

Bella also took a break from social media to reflect and learn from herself.

She also expressed on improving her spirituality and ‘closer relationship’ with herself. Bella was never herself in posting pictures and living a model life, all she thought was to impress the paparazzi and the people.

So to overcome anxiety and depression she needed a break from social media platforms. Hence it was time for her to know herself and embrace her self and not live a life that would please people.

Bella Hadid's post in instagram
Bella Hadid/ Instagram

The Comeback

Bella took to Instagram by posting a series of images regarding mental wellness mantra and wrote that her comeback was pure wisdom and that it also helped her to improve herself and her spirituality as well as ‘self love’ which she lacked.

The fans as well as her sister Gigi Hadid and her mother Yolanda too expressed their love and support to the model.

Bella also acknowledged that self-love is something that she lacked and the break from social media has helped the model to achieve her mental health goal and her post for the mental health awareness day was embraced by fans, friends, and family, and supported for being what she is. She is now happy and strong of her present mental health condition. Her post on a social media platform was to make sure that she was able to overcome her stress and anxiety and, it will be an encouragement to those who are suffering from such problems.

She also wrote that everything that we see online or through social media is not always what it seems.

Bella Hadid post on instagram
Bella Hadid/ Instagram

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