Beyoncé To Feature BTS Boy Jungkook, Nick Jonas, Prince Harry And More in her Virgo Yearbook

Beyonce shoot the big shot–to feature Jungkook and more celebs

Beyonce featuring Jungkook in her yearbook is like dream for Army fans. However, it is potentially not a dream but a truth that Jungkook is getting featured in Beyonce’s work along with other big celebs. The international singer Beyonce has shared the Virgo season yearbook on her official website. The yearbook featured childhood pictures of various celebs such as Nick Jonas, Prince Harry, and many more. However, fans could not keep calm when they saw that the BTS boy Jungkook is featured in there.

To read more details about Beyonce’s yearbook and Jungkook exclusive feature in it, read below.

Beyonce’s yearbook include celeb’s pictures in grid form

The international singer is Virgo herself and is soon going to celebrate her birthday on 4th September. Beyonce’s yearbook contains a grid of pictures of celebs such as Ava DuVernay, Blake Lively, Billy Porter, Idris Elba, Jada Pinkett Smith, Prince Harry, and Jungkook. The BTS star whose full name is Jeon Jungkook has got a place 2nd row and the 3rd column beside Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Hudson.

Jungkook gets feature in Beyonce's yearbook
Credit: Beyoncé’s website

Beyonce listed the traits of the Virgo as hardworking, creative, trustable, patient, and generous.

Fans reaction to Jungkook getting a feature in Beyonce’s yearbook

So when someone takes BTS’ name, Army just could not keep calm. But this time, Beyonce has featured a BTS boy in her yearbook and nothing can be exciting than this. Some of the fans also theorized that Beyonce and Jungkook might collaborate on a project. A fan said that if Jungkook’s picture is featured in the grid that means Beyonce might have contacted him. Thus, it directly means that Jungkook and Beyonce talked and are soon going to collaborate.

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