Black Widow Cast and Director Break Down Taskmaster

Black Widow’s big villain is Taskmaster and the cast got together to break down the character in a promo video. Cate Shortland didn’t want to give too much away. “I was really excited about Taskmaster being a formidable opponent,” Shorthand explained. Meanwhile, Avengers mainstay Scarlet Johansson observed, “As soon as Natasha starts to experience the Taskmaster’s fighting style… She’s at a loss.” So, all of the players involved think that the good guys will struggle with the new villain. Adding to this sort of trepidation is the fact that Taskmaster’s identity has not been revealed yet. There are a lot of guesses, but Marvel isn’t telling a soul. There aren’t any spoilers about this in the new spot. It won’t be long until there are some more details for the fans and the big premiere next week.

David Harbour also chimed in on the powers Taskmaster is bringing to the table. “He has the ability to mimic other characters’ moves, from Captain America, Black Panther, and Hawkeye,” the Stranger Things star added. Rachel Weisz also offered her opinion on the villain and offered some real praise. “When you watch him, I think you feel like he’s the ultimate secret weapon,” she said. So, clearly, everyone is hyping up the matchup, but no one wants to be too specific to avoid ruining the surprise.

Jaime Jirak from loved the movie and talked about the flow of the film in her review. It’s a welcome return to the theater for Marvel Studios after two calendar years without a movie releasing.

“Black Widow is well-paced and filled with exciting action sequences, led by director Cate Shortland. Making the movie a prequel to the last two Avengers films lowered the stakes by a large margin, but sometimes a fun little side quest is a preferable treat,” she said. “The balance of action and comedy is an enjoyable return to Marvel’s simpler days and while the movie isn’t the franchise’s all-time best, it has some of Marvel’s best character dynamics to date. Black Widow never quite matches up to the perfection of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but the film still marks the franchise’s strongest action-packed spy thriller since the Cap sequel was released back in 2014.”

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