Boruto Cliffhanger Kicks Off Kashin Koji vs. Jigen

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations kicked off the surprising fight between Kashin Koji and Jigen with the cliffhanger from its newest episode! The anime has been making its way through the Otsutsuki Awakening arc of the Kawaki saga from the manga, and while the latest few episodes have focused on smaller adventures exclusive to the anime, there has been some curious build up in these episodes regarding Kashin Koji and Amado. Following the tease that Kara had a traitor amongst their ranks, the previous episode revealed that it was in fact two traitors with Koji and Amado planning to kill Jigen.

It was revealed that both Kashin Koji and Amado had been preparing to take down in Jigen in secret, and this all kicked off with the newest episode of the series as the two of them made their move. What was surprising was seeing just how big of a play it really was as not only did Amado escape Jigen and Kara altogether, but Kashin Koji started to fight against the powerful villain towards the end of the newest episode and revealed that doing so was his mission to begin with.

Episode 212 of the series kicks off their joint plan and reveals just how wild it actually was. Not only did Amado plan to leave Jigen and Kara’s base completely, but the plan also entailed fleeing to the Hidden Leaf Village and asking for their help as part of an overall defection. As part of the negotiations to try and get Naruto and the others to his side, Amado revealed the other part of his plan involved Kashin Koji as Koji approached Jigen as he was trying to heal himself.

Koji and Amado used Jigen’s new weakened state following the fight with Naruto and Sasuke to attack him directly. Jigen is fully aware of their treachery by that point so Koji’s initial attack efforts don’t land, but by the end of the episode it’s clear that Koji will be doing everything he can to kill Jigen. In fact, he even goes as far to say that killing Jigen is what he was “created” for. Now it’s just a matter of seeing this fight play out in the next episode and beyond.

But what did you think of Amado and Koji’s surprising anti-Jigen plan? Do you think the two of them will be successful in their betrayal? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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