Boruto Explains How Kawaki Can Access New Power

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations explained how Kawaki can still access a new kind of power with the newest chapter of the series! Now that the manga has officially taken its first few steps into a new arc, it has also established that Code and the final remnants of Kara will be the next major villains of the series. This is an especially sore subject for Kawaki as not only does he have a pretty rough history with Code during his time being brought up by Jigen, he also feels powerless due to his lack of Karma.

As Boruto becomes the center of attention thanks to the evolution of his Karma mark and Naruto is no longer able to fight at the same strength he had been before, Kawaki is at a loss with himself because he feels like he’s got no way to help. But as Amado reveals in the newest chapter of the series, however, it’s entirely possible for Kawaki to access a new power through a new kind of Karma. But as one would expect, this carries a heavy risk.

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As Chapter 59 of the series opens, Amado tells Kawaki that he’s not actually free of Isshiki Otsutsuki just yet as he’s still technically marked as a vessel. As Amado explains, although Isshiki has been erased completely and Kawaki is no longer in danger of being possessed by the Otsutsuki, his body has been morphed by the Karma anyway. He’s no longer got the seal, but his body has been changed into an Otsutsuki and there’s nothing he can do to reverse this.

But there’s a strange sense of hope as Amado also says that Kawaki’s body is still fit for a Karma that’s like Code’s. Just as how Code has a Karma that’s purely used as a weapon because his body was suitable to serve as a Otsutsuki host, Kawaki can get one implanted within him that will give him the power without the Otsutsuki risk. As fans have come to see from Amado, however, this kind of deal is definitely not without its drawbacks.

Since we know Kawaki eventually does use Karma in the flash forward at the beginning of the series, it’s highly likely that he’ll take up Amado on his pitch. It’s not exactly set in stone, so we’ll soon see how this continues to develop in future chapters. But what do you think? Will Kawaki get a new Karma implanted in him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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