Britney Spears’ Alleged Attack on Housekeeper Under Review by District Attorney

Under investigation by Ventura County Sheriff

Britney Spears is once again radar. This time she is being investigated by the Ventura County Sheriff’s department. She is under investigation as she allegedly hit her housekeeper when they had a dispute last week.

Her house keeper has accused her of misdemeanour and battery.

Blake Heller who is a supervisor at a district office in County Ventura recently revealed to people that the case is being passed on to prosecutors, just this Friday morning. The case will be reviewed for possible charges. The investigation is underway and it is possible that Brittany may face charges.

Other details

A source revealed that , it is a common phenomenon for small cases like these to be sent over to the DA office to be considered for possible charges. However, they said that the investigation has only gotten this far because it involved the pop star, Britney Spears.

britney spears
credit : Britney Spears| Instagram

Another important aspect was revealed by the Sheriff of the County Venture Department last week. They confirmed the reports and said that Britney spears is a suspect in the case of Battery. The case was lodged after the employee said he was truck by spears and wanted to press charges against her.

Spears has also been facing backlash for a video she posted online in which she appeared to be naked , some users shamed her saying she was a mom while others were concerned about her mental health. The video was later taken down by her.

britney spears
credit : Britney Spears | Instagram

Sheriff Buschow denied to discuss , the particulars regarding Britney’s case. He explained to people that charges of battery are filed against someone when a two people who are in a dispute engage in physical contact.

Matthew Rosengart who is the star’s lawyer has not issued any comment yet.

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