Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Leaving Fans Emotional with its Finale Season Updates

The journey of B99 comes to an end with its final season!

On August 12, the eighth and final season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will be broadcast. The new season will begin with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 8 p.m., with fresh episodes running every afterwards.

It’s been almost a year since the season 7 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired. In that episode, Jake and Amy’s kid was born amid a city-wide blackout, with Charles Boyle rescuing Jake and getting him to the hospital. Following that heart-warming conclusion, here’s all we know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8.

According to NBC, the sitcom gained 24 million viewers in its seventh and most current season. Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired on Fox for five seasons before it got cancelled but NBC revived the sitcom for a sixth season, which aired in 2019. Season 7 premiered in spring 2020.

Brooklyn Nin-Nine | NBC | Sitcom | Season 8 | Finale

Season 8 plot and story

Jake’s character will grow in season 8, as he faces parenthood and strives not to disappoint Amy. That is plenty for a humorous concept. it’s still unclear how it will manage changes that have happened after George Floyd’s death. Terry Crews has revealed that the tragedy caused many episodes to be cancelled entirely, implying that Floyd’s murder would be addressed in some way in season 8.

Gina (Chelsea Peretti), Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), and Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) will all make cameos in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailer, as will an episode in which every other precinct sends the Nine-Nine their “Hitchcocks and Scullys.” Season 8 will, of course, need to offer some closure to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast as a whole.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | NBC | Sitcom | Season 8 | Finale

Cast and Crew

Season 8 follows Det. Jake Peralta role played by Andy Samberg and Capt. Raymond Holt played by Andre Braugher. Melissa Fumero, who plays Sergent. Amy Santiago, Terry Crews as Lt. Terry Jeffords. Det. Charles Boyle by Joe Lo Truglio, Rosa Diaz by Stephanie Beatriz, and Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker return as experienced cops. Det. Scully and Det. Hitchcock by Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker.

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