BTS And Coldplay Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Coldplay and BTS new glimpse of behind the scenes are worth watching

A collaboration between BTS and Coldplay was unexpected. Yet fans cannot keep calm and want to watch their collab documentary. Their much-needed anticipated collab was released on 24th September. Coldplay and BTS sang the song “My Universe” in a collaboration. The song was produced by Max martin however, both the teams had a contribution in writing the lyrics of the song. “My Universe” has both Korean and English lyrics.

The new team has released a behind-the-scenes video that shows the making of their new song. They have entitled the new documentary as “Inside ‘My Universe’”. Read below to know more about their recent documentary.

“Inside ‘My Universe’”– A journey of making “My Universe”

The doc is about 13 minutes and is enough overwhelming to make fans emotional. The clip begins with Chris Martin discussing the origin of the song. It features interviews with all the boys of BTS. Moreover, the doc also includes the main parts of the recording process of the song. Martin begins with a sweet message saying about 18 months ago he got a text that BTS wants to do a collab with Coldplay. Later he travels to South Korea for a vis-a-vis meeting with BTS boys.

In the doc, Martin also tries to sing in the Korean language but instead, he burst out laughing.

Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” and “My Universe”

The song is part of Coldplay album “Music of the Spheres” which is also set to release on 15th October 2021. However, after doing a collab with the highly anticipated Korean band BTS, “Music of the Spheres” is trending and fans cannot wait for it. It is Coldplay’s 9th studio album whereas “My Universe” comes after the release of “High Power”.

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