BTS ‘Are Above And Beyond’ With 5 Nominations For The MTV’S VMA, ARMY Disappointed over ‘Artist Of The Year’

Creating History In The World Of K-Pop

The well known K-Pop boys band BTS has once again created history by securing nominations at the MTV VMA awards among strong competition.

Fans poured out their love for the band and their success to reach this high in the midst of strong competency. The boys band creates best k-pop music which is applauded and loved by the whole world .

The nominations announcement was made on the morning of 11 August. Since then its been a whooping number of wishes on every social media platforms.

Twitter was flooded with wishes and love to the k-pop group. Some were unhappy as the boys did not get the ‘Artist of The Year’ nominations.

ARMY Says ‘Artist Of The Century’?

Instagram/ bts

Although its a time for celebration , some were upset for not including BTS for the ‘Artist of The Year’ category. Some hailed them as the ‘Artist Of The Century’ because they deserve it.

However this was the most awaited moment for the fans as they are still re-living the moment of their most famous band group.

Many fans tweeted this precious moment as ‘Deserved’ and are awaiting them to see on the stage of the VMA awarded for all the nominated categories.

Some also said, “Some will never try to believe the God truth.”

‘And The Award Goes To!’- Most Awaited Moment for the ARMY.

The 5 categories in nominations for BTS are:

Song of the year(Dynamite), Best pop and k-pop(Butter), Best choreography (Butter), Best Editing(Butter)

Instagram/ bts

Amidst many competitions, the ARMY is hopefully waiting to watch BTS sweep every nominated award for this year. The ARMY is in ‘great expectations.’

Meanwhile, the MTV VMA 2021 is all set to be held in the ‘Barclays Center’ on September 12 and live event will broadcast through the MTV channel.

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