BTS’s Message of Hope at the United Nation General Assembly

BTS at the United Nation General Assembly

World’ most favourite K-pop band BTS took the stage of United Nation General Assembly Hall to spread their message of the hope for the future.

On 20th September at the 76th session of the United Nation General Assembly the seven members group reached New York along with their respective President Moon Jae In. They spoke at the SDG Moment at the assembly.

The ARMY Boys addressed the youth

Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM and J- Hope spoke in the perspective of the future of the young generation in this Covid 19 pandemic. Group leader RM started the speech by saying that before coming to the assembly they asked people in their teens and 20s about the past two years of the pandemic, how they are living . Jin then said in the past two years they have felt confused too but there are people who cry out ‘Let’s live on, let’s live the best of this moment”.

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Jimin added addressing the audience that the world has changed. People have entered in a parallel world but they’re same as they were yesterday. Jungkook continued by saying that cancellation of entrance and graduation ceremonies due to covid-19, was upsetting for the band. These are moments to be celebrated and remembered, he concluded.

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Suga added that people needed time to mourn the things they had lost to Covid. J-Hope expresses his concern for the environment and nature. The singer says that it is hard for him to even think about the mourning of the earth. Referring the issue, V said that he learnt that there are many people who are interested in environmental issues.

“Permission to dance” spread positivity

However, the “Army” boys touched the audiences with their speech. It was followed by a pre-recorded performance of their latest song “Permission to dance.” The performance starts after RM concludes the speech with “Permission to Dance is our message of welcome that we want to share with everyone today”.

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