BTS’s Superhit Butter To Get A Remix BY Grammy Winner Singer Megan Thee Stallion

A remix of “Butter” by cool shade stunner Megan Thee Stallion

Butter was released on 21st May 2021 by Big Hit Music and Sony Music. The song is the only 2nd hit English single that rocked and break all the existing records internationally. It not only smashed the big records but the South Korean proved that no band can create a record-breaking international song like them currently. The song was a commercial success that not only topped its native country but also managed to reach the top on Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, and United States’ Billboard’s Global 200 chart.

A song like “Butter” getting a remix is not less than a golden moment. Read below to know more about the upcoming remix of “Butter” by Megan.

Butter remix
Credit: Billboard

Megan Thee Stallion announced the remix of “Butter” via her social media

The Grammy winner announced the remix yesterday via her social media. The singer who previously coalbed with Cardi is equally excited to do a “Butter” remix. She greeted the fans with a sweet caption on an image of remix’s art on her social media.

Moreover, both BTS and Megan had to go through a legal battle to make a remix of “Butter”. Therefore, the ARMY and Megan’s fan has finally got a release date of the “Butter” remix. The highly anticipated remix of “Butter” will release on August 27. While Megan took to Instagram to announce the remix date, the BTS took to their official Twitter account to greet their fans with the remix date. The BTS gang said that “Butter” is back and is soon going to release.

What legal fight Megan had to go through to release the “Butter” remix?

Megan certainly had to file a temporary restraining order against her label 1501 entertainment. She pleaded in the complaint of the remix is not released, her art will go to waste. She also added that not release the remix will destroy her relationship with her fans who are waiting for the song to flip out. Therefore, the judge allowed her an extent of her temporary restraining order given releasing the remix.

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