Chainsaw Man Creator Pens Poster for Psycho Goreman

There’s nothing in the world of anime or live-action quite like Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, which is about to come to television with its first anime adaptation thanks to the creative minds at Studio MAPPA, but if you were looking for a bizarre film that is comparable to the story of Denji and his fellow devil hunters, look no further than Psycho Goreman. The live-action bloody movie follows an alien warlord from the stars, arriving on Earth and being controlled by kids, with an aesthetic that clearly left an impression on Chainsaw Man’s creator, who created fan art of the hilarious horror film.

Psycho Goreman was released onto streaming services in 2020, following this insanely bizarre, gory film that saw an all-powerful alien use his powers to horrifically murder anyone in his path while being controlled by two bratty children. Creating several terrifying monsters using practical effects, it’s no wonder that Fujimoto would love the movie as its creature are definitely reminiscent of some of the evil beings we’ve seen in Chainsaw Man since it first began. There have been no rumors or official statements regarding Psycho Goreman receiving a sequel, but it has definitely gained a cult following since hitting the horror scene.

Twitter User Manga Mogura shared the new fan art for Psycho Goreman from Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, lending his amazing talent to a bloody world that definitely lines up with the world of Denji which is about to arrive onto the small screen thanks to Studio MAPPA:

Fujimoto has been making waves thanks to the recently released one-shot, “Look Back,” which saw Tatsuki taking a step back from the world of Chainsaw Man and instead telling a heart-wrenching story that focused on two children attempting to enter into the world of manga. Though the first half of Chainsaw Man came to an end in its manga, Fujimoto has promised that the series will return with a part two, further exploring the world of devils that has become a fan favorite.

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