Chapter 75 Drops Tease for the Next Chapter Evoking Curiosity

Name for Vegeta’s new ability finally confirmed

In the past few days, “Dragon Ball Super” has dropped some curious and exciting teases about the manga itself and it’s new upcoming chapters as well. One of the teases is related to Vegeta’s new form. And another one is related to the release date of the next chapter of the manga.

The previous chapter ended with the revelation of Vegeta’s power and the name for the power was not revealed back then. But the recent chapter officially confirms the name of his God of Destruction form. And the name of the form is “Ultra Ego”. With fans eagerly waiting for the next chapter, the website has also teased fans with a release date.

According to the website, the next chapter will be hitting on September 20.

Dragon Ball Super
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Ultra Ego is better than Ultra Instinct?

When Vegeta unlock his brand new form in the previous chapter. Due to his training with Beerus, he revealed the new form results. But the chapter ended with a cliffhanger leaving fans curious not only about the name of the form but also what kind of power ups and abilities this form would offer. But after the release of the latest chapter, fans finally got a name for Vegeta’s new form and its abilities as well.

The new form, Ultra Ego, is actually different from Goku’s “Ultra Instinct”. Goku’s “Ultra Instinct” separates his consciousness from his body.

Allowing them to both to move freely and fight independently. Whereas Vegeta explains in the new chapter that he maintains complete control of his mind and body while using his form. And according to the description of the ability given by Vegeta himself is that “the hotter his battle soul burns the stronger he gets”. And during his battle with Granolah this description is actually seen in action.

Dragon Ball Super
Credit: Vizmedia

Vegeta’s back in the game

For those who haven’t been able to follow, Goku and Vegeta actually parted their ways on a serious note. With Vegeta vowing never to be in Goku’s shadow again in order to unlock new power techniques and transformation. After going their separate ways, for him to unlock new power techniques, Vegeta travelled to Planet Yardrat. Vegeta learned “Spirit Control”, on Yardrat.

This technique gave him a way to manage and control his chi. Which unlocked various methods for Vegeta to control his own or other’s energy. Vegeta after unlocking his power indulged himself in a battle with Moro. And after the battle he was taken in by Lord Beerus and then he started training Vegeta in the ways of destroyer gods.

And the chapter ended with him unleashing his form. Recently released chapter finally revealed the name and abilities of Vegeta’s new form. Vegeta finally stepped up for a second round with Granolah. According to the monthly base release of the manga the next chapter is supposed to release on September 20 but it is a date that could change.

Dragon Ball Super
Credit: Vizmedia

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