Cheryl Burke Tested Positive for COVID-19 Ahead of “Dancing with the Stars” Taping

It’s a tough news day for DWTS fans

Cheryl Burke broke some difficult news to her fans. Celebrity dancer Cheryl Burke admitted she tested positive for Covid-19. Even though she had been vaccinated. Moreover, she revealed in a video on her Instagram account on Sunday. An American dancer, model, and TV host, Cheryl Burke is best known for her work as a model and dancer. Additionally, she is best known for being one of the professional dancers.

In addition, she was one of two female professionals to win twice and consecutively at the show. Show with professional dancers: ABC’s Dancing with the stars. In the morning, she described her journey to get tested with Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby. And a day before the live competition, she found out she had a breakthrough infection. Also, a new episode was due to air on Monday.

One day before DWTS taping.

Credits: Instagram @cherylburke

A message of emotion

The video was shot by Burke in the morning as she was on her way to get tested. She shared it on Instagram last night. Afterwards, she received the results in the afternoon. Lastly, she also described her terrifying experience.

“DWTS” viewers and the dancer’s fans showed their support through social media. In addition to Amanda Kloots and Jimmie Allen, there are also competitors from “The Talk.” Furthermore, Rigsby hasn’t released a statement yet.

Furthermore, there is no indication that Rigsby will perform with anyone else. Despite this, ABC did not respond to an inquiry for comment on Monday.

Cheryl burke
Credits: Instagram @cherylburke

First and foremost, safety

In addition to the two shots of Moderna, Burke said she had received all her vaccinations. However, developing a resistance to a vaccine does not necessarily mean it will no longer work. But, these side effects are to be expected since no vaccine is truly 100 percent efficient. Yet, there have been very few cases of severe breakthrough infections.

Lauren Zima spoke with Dwight Howard backstage about being real with fans, telling her, “It can be hard. Especially when you’re sober. Even so, she’s participated in two dozen out of the 23 seasons of the show. As a result, being sober gives her a fresh view of the process.

There has yet to be an announcement about how this will impact the episode. Furthermore, there has been no update on Cody’s current health. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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