Chinese-Canadian Pop Star, Kris Wu, Arrested Under Rape Allegations

Get To Know The Reason For The Actor’s Arrest

The Chinese-Canadian Actor Kris Wu was arrested on August 16 for alleged rape of a teenager. Kris Wu was detained at early August over suspicion. Eventually, he was arrested under the accusations of rape. He lured young women to have sexual relationship with him by promising them jobs.

One of the victim was contacted by 7 other women who were seduced by Wu, who promised them jobs and other opportunities. The teenager shared this on social media platform. She alleged that he raped her when she was drunk . She also said that she had gone to Wu’s house for casting interviews.

Charges Against The Pop-star

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Beijing District Chaoyang informed the media about the arrest. They said that the arrest was formally approved. But the charges are not yet highlighted.

a post from the official instagram accountof Kris Wu
Instagran/kris wu

However, the Chinese State media confirmed that Wu Yifan could be jailed for ten year. (The actor is called as Wu Yifan in Chinese). The background of Wu’s ethnicity comes from Guangzhow and Vancouver, Canada.

Earlier Wu denied the accusations made by the teenager. In July she revealed about the incident. She also claimed that she was only 17 when this all happened. She also explained how he lured young girls. The number exceeds to 8, among them 2 are still minors.

Watch the reaction to Wu’s scandal in China:

Wu’s Future

After the teenager presented her accusations in an interview, Global brands such as Porsche and Louis Vuitton withdrew endorsement offers. Wu could be jailed for 10 years according to the law in China.

a post from the official instagram accountof Kris Wu
Instagram/ Kris wu

Charges against Wu may lead him to be jailed for 10 years and he maybe halted from having a celebrity lifestyle. Wu’s downfall affected every aspect of his life.

The former EXO K-pop member had 51 million verified followers in social media. But because of this accusations he may loose many.

A celebrity must respect the society and all its factors. Many celebrities experienced a dramatic downfall as this one.

Another popstar too got jailed recently for sexual assault and trafficking.

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