‘Choi Tae Joon’ & ‘Song Ji Eun’ to be the New Onscreen Couple in Upcoming Fantasy Rom-Com

A breezy romance!

Actor Choi Tae Joon returned from the military service this May 18. If he joins the cast of “His Voice” it will be his first drama after serving for country. His previous work So I Married an Anti-Fan gained huge popularity. It filmed before his military service and aired on aired on June 2021. Studio Santa Claus Entertainment said he is in talks to play the lead role in His Voice. Chai Tae Joon reviewing the proposal he has been offered.

Choi Tae Joon
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Meanwhile, to play as female lead in His voice actress Song Ji Eun has received the offered. From Song Ji Eun’s Magiq agency, it was reported that she got the offer to join the cast of His voice.

Go Mi Rim’s one-sided love story

The fantasy and rom-com genre “His voice” drama is one sided love story of Part time worker and Pilot. The corner shop part time employee has been searching for full time job and attracted to Handsome cat owner. She being a shy person accidentally gains the ability to speak with cats. Baek Tae Hwa the cat owner works as co-pilot. Naturally he is good looking and kind personality.

He is the type of a guy every women will fall for. The pet hotel he regularly go was closed. On that critical situation he leaves his cat to the Go Mi Rim. Go Mi Rim works in convenience shop as part timer. Female lead is an optimistic person come from normal background.

Song Ji-eun | His Voice
Instagram | Song Ji-eun

Mi Rim has crush on Baek Tae Hwa so, she accepts to take care of his cat. Then she gains the power to hear the voice of cats after got hit by lightning. And the relationship development between these two leads is the remaining story of this Rom-com.

If the Choi Tae Joon and Song Ji Eun accepts the offer they will play the roles of Baek Tae Hwa and Go Mi Rim

Kim Kyung Hee wrote this drama. Kyung Hee wrote the scripts of Hot blood, Finding love and other dramas. The members planned to release His Voice on OTT platform.

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