ClickHole Publishes First Tabletop Game

ClickHole, the satirical website that pokes fun at various Internet outlets, has released its first tabletop game. Business Walrus is a new tabletop game made in the style of Cards Against Humanity and other card-themed party games. Players will pitch various inventions that have to meet certain requirements based on card requirements. There are three card types – players have to come up with an invention based on an “ask” card that describes the general theme of the product, and a “must have” card that explains features that must be included in the invention. For instance, a player might be tasked with “A game-changing toilet invention” that “is extremely bad for the environment.” Other cards add in surprises during pitches, such as singing a jingle for your product.

ClickHole was founded back in 2014 as an Onion spinoff, but was purchased last year by Cards Against Humanity. At the time of the purchase, Cards Against Humanity stated that ClickHole would explore new revenue streams under their company umbrella, but would continue to operate independently from the main company. ClickHole was also able to hire own additional staff as a part of the purchase. The ClickHole team wrote the card content for Business Walrus but are not involved with the writing of any Cards Against Humanity cards, likely to keep the content feeling distinct.

In recent months, Cards Against Humanity has dealt with its own share of turmoil. Recent reports indicate that the company is considering a sale, following 2020 reports of a toxic workplace culture that resulted in one of its co-founders stepping down. The company also sold off its board game cafe in Chicago just a few months after it opened, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic that heavily impacted all restaurants.

Business Walrus has a retail price of $20 and is recommended for players age 17 or older. The game takes 30-90 minutes to play and requires a minimum of 4 players. You can purchase Business Walrus now directly from Cards Against Humanity, or from retailers like Target.

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