Critical Role Reveals New Sideshow Statues of Vex and Vax

Critical Role unveiled two new statues that will be released by Sideshow Collectibles next year. Earlier this week, Critical Role revealed that Sideshow Collectibles would release statues of Vex and Vax next year. Both are shown as high-level adventurers, with Vex wielding her legendary bow Fenthras, Wrath of the Fey Warden, while Vax dons his Deathwalker’s Ward and has all three daggers ready to attack. Each statue will cost $195 and stands about a foot high. The statues are expected to be released in mid-2022. Pre-orders are live here at Sideshow now.

Critical Role is a popular web series about a group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons. The show started off as a weekly game filmed at Geek & Sundry’s studio but eventually branched out and became its own online media empire. To date, Critical Role has completed two full multi-year campaigns, one featuring the Vox Machina team of heroes (which includes Vex and Vax) and one featuring the Mighty Nein, which wrapped earlier this year. A third campaign will be announced later this year.

In addition to producing weekly content from their own studio (Critical Role split from Geek & Sundry several years ago), Critical Role also heads up a growing media empire that includes novels, comics, board games merchandise, and more. The studio raised over $12 million to finance production of an animated series about their first campaign’s characters, which will be released on Amazon Prime. Amazon has also picked up the animated series, titled The Legend of Vox Machina, for a second season.

The new statues continue Sideshow Collectibles’ popular line of statues. Sideshow previously announced statues of Beau and Fjord from Critical Role‘s second campaign, which are also up for pre-order and are expected to be released in late 2021-early 2022.

You can pre-order the new Vex and Vax statues from Sideshow’s website. Each statue costs $195.

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