Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer Gets His Very Own Miniature

WizKids recently announced that they would be producing a miniature based off of Critical Role‘s Matthew Mercer. Earlier this month, WizKids announced a new slate of tabletop miniature products based on the world and characters of Critical Role, a popular Dungeons & Dragons webseries. One of the four new boxed products is a “Characters of Tal’Dorei” box containing ten miniautres that represent various archetypes found on the continent of Tal’Dorei. Actually, only nine of the miniatures are of Tal’Dorei characters, as the tenth is a miniature representation of Critical Role‘s Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer. Mercer’s miniature has him in long robes with a mischievous smirk on his face and seems to be a loose representation of how he’s depicted in the Critical Role title sequence.

Mercer is the creator of Exandria, the world that Critical Role plays in, and has given life to the countless NPCs that populate it. While many Mercer creations have appeared in miniature form, this is the first time that Mercer himself has gotten a miniature. We will note that Mercer himself is already a part of Dungeons & Dragons canon, having been drawn into a panorama picture of the Yawning Portal Inn (and identified as such by his name.) Mercer has yet to publicly comment on being represented by a miniature to be used in tabletop combat that will likely be ruthlessly hacked down by countless adventurers. You can check out a render of the miniature below:

matt mercer miniature
(Photo: WizKids)

Other miniatures included in the “Characters of Tal’Dorei” box are a Rivermaw Brawler, a Rivermaw Stormborn, a Kraghammer Barbarian, a Kraghammer Goat-Knight, a Goat-Knight Steed, a Kuul’tevir Rogue, a Kuul’tevir Fighter, and a Verdant Guard Ranger. All of these characters will likely be expanded upon with the release of the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn book, which will be released early next year by Critical Role‘s Darrington Press games publishing arm. Two premium Critical Role miniatures, featuring Dieter the Dragon Turtle and an Ember Roc, were also recently announced for a November release by WizKids.

The “Characters of Tal’Dorei” box will be released in November 2021. The box will have a retail price of $59.99.

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