Cursed Cancelled by Netflix After One Season

Yet another Netflix original series is coming to an unfortunately early end. Cursed, the Arthurian tale based on the book from Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, won’t be getting a second season at Netflix after debuting last summer. There hasn’t been any formal announcement from Netflix, nor the show’s cast and crew, but Deadline is reporting that cast members have been released from their contracts, which means that they’re now free to find other work elsewhere. Sadly, there won’t be any more Cursed in the future.

As disappointing as this cancellation is for fans, it doesn’t come as a massive surprise given the silence from Netflix. Cursed debuted almost a year ago and Netflix hasn’t mentioned its future at any point since. That’s usually not a good sign.

There are also the likes of Shadow and Bone and The Witcher to consider. Both of those fantasy properties have been renewed by Netflix and come with substantial budgets. The numbers likely indicated that Cursed was the odd show out of the fantasy blockbusters at the streamer.

The first season of Cursed stars Katherine Langford as a young woman with exceptional powers and skills, who goes on to become the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend. The finale ended with the reveal that the show’s villain, Daniel Sharman, was actually Lancelot, the beloved knight of Arthur’s round table. His story would’ve been explored more deeply in Season 2.

“What was quite fun about that is I had a secret that I couldn’t tell anybody,” Sharman told of his on-screen twist.. “But that kind of feeds into a bit of the character. This fear that people are going to find out who he is. So, I was living in this life of basically hiding this other person, this other knowledge of this human being. And it kind of feeds into a bit of the story. That feeds into a little bit of the character being insanely in control and fearful of that inner life coming out, so it was kind of helpful.”

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