Daffy Duck to Appear in a Superhero Avatar in DC Comics’ New Edition

Daffy Duck will be seen in yet another superhero origin Comic

Recently DC Comics released a sneak peek regarding the upcoming edition of its Looney Tunes comics. The preview revealed that the new edition features Daffy Duck in a superman-based role.

Daffy Duck as Man of Steel

According to the official sneak peek of DC Comics’ Looney Tunes #262, Daffy Duck dons the hat of a superhero in this edition. Moreover, the sneak peek revealed that Daffy Duck will appear in the comics as none other than Man of Steel. As the title reads, “Stupor Duped” will be a prominent superman parody. The comic features Daffy Duck in the character of Cluck Trent, apparently a newspaper reporter.

The story picks up at a point where Cluck finds himself jobless as the internet conquers the whole print publications. Good thing, at least he has his superhero name, “Stupor Duck”! Well, unlucky him, because his, said other life as the superhero Stupor Duck also isn’t advancing well at the point. Additionally, as revealed by the official preview, the comics will also highlight Stupor Duck’s origins. Especially, the information about how the Duck of Steel came to Earth via a rocket as a baby.

Looney Tunes #262 "Stupour Duck"
Looney Tunes

While Derek Fridolfs served as the writer for the comic book, Walter Carzon, Horacio Ottolini, and Silvana Brys served as the artists. Looney Tunes #262 is lined up to come on board Tuesday, September 21, as in tomorrow.

Daffy Duck’s other superhero forms

A still from Duck Dodgers.
Warner Bros.

It’s a known fact that Daffy Duck has appeared as a DC superhero before this too. One Such character is “The Green Loontern,” from “Duck Dodgers, “Season 1, Episode 9. As suggested by the name itself he portrays the role of Green Lantern. Moreover, Duck Dodgers itself is a superhero of Daffy Duck, which first came to light in “Duck Dodgers,” a 1953 animated short film.

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