Dan Walker’s Absence Shocked Fans! Relieved After his Response to Spend Quality Time with Family

Dan Walker’s Absence Made The Fans Disappointed!

Dan Walker, host of the show ‘BBC Breakfast’ was missing for a past few days leaving the fans in utter disappointment. Since Walker is all set to compete in this year’s ‘Strictly,’ fans thought that he was busy shooting. The fans came up with varieties of questions to his co-host Louis Minchin. After she posted a picture with Ben Thompson. As a response to a fan’s question, Louis assured that Dan would return soon.

The fans were convinced when Dan himself commented in a social media post. He explained himself that he was spending some quality time with his family.

The Reason For Dan’s Break From The Show

After Dan’s promising statement, he then continued to post some picture on social media. Meanwhile, Dan also expressed his concerns for his pet ‘Winnie’ who injured her back. The comments section was rushed with love for the pup. The announcement of ‘Strictly’ too received lot of wishes for the star’s upcoming competition.

Dan Walker took to instagram to inform about his pet's health that she is recovering from the injury
Instagram/ Dan Walker

Furthermore, he posted a picture of him on a train to London for the shoot. And fans can’t wait to see him, on the dance floor.

However, Dan went on to go for a stay-cation with his wife and children and was also worried for his pup, who was left behind. He informed this news to his fans as well on social media. With his being the fact fans were relieved.

What Next For The Fans And Dan?

The announcement made by Dan, which indicated that he will now be seen on the dance floor. Today, he took to Instagram to share that he will be on BBC ‘Strictly’ set. Some feel weird and some feel exited as the comments itself proved.

Dan walker's dressing room for his new dancing show
Instagram/ Dan Walker

Undoubtedly, fans love and support his decision and respects him for what he is. As he promised fans are awaiting to see him on the ‘red seat’ for BBC Breakfast.

As of now, Dan is busy filming for his new dance show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and fans are busy cheering for him. No matter his absence on the morning show it is still loved.

Dan will now be seen on a different stage with different costume with different charisma.

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