Day of Destiny Game Master Dustin Fletcher Teases What to Expect, Favorite Ranger Elements, and More

Tonight is the big debut of Power Rangers: Day of Destiny at Renegade Con, a weekly actual play that will showcase Renegade’s new Power Rangers Roleplaying Game. Leading the game as Game Master is Dustin Fletcher, while the players include Carlos Luna, Erika Fermina, Katie Wilson, Xander Jeanneret, Ahren Gray, and Hyper RPG’s Malika Lim Eubank. had a chance to talk to Fletcher all about Day of Destiny before the big premiere, including what excites him most about working with the Power Rangers franchise, what he wants to avoid during gameplay, and more. First though we wanted to know if Fletcher adapts his GM style at all depending on what franchise or theme he’s working with. You can watch the premiere live on Twitch right here.

“Not really. I would say I adapt the tone of the games based on the material or genre of what I am running,” Fletcher said. “The approach and GMing style I am known for stays pretty much the same throughout any genre of game I tell. If I walk away from the table knowing my players and myself have told an amazing story together and felt that my storytelling was able to fully immerse them as not only their character, but as a player as well, then I feel I have done my job as a GM/Storyteller.”

Fletcher has worked with some beloved franchises over the years, including Marvel, hunger Games, DC, and more. Still, he has a special place in his heart for Power Rangers.

“Oh I absolutely, 100% was and still am a HUGE Power Rangers Fan. I grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers every Saturday morning and was honestly roleplaying as Rangers well before I knew what roleplaying games were as me and my friends ran around the neighborhood battling Putties and monsters. I also remember going to see the MMPR Movie at a drive-in theater,” Fletcher said. “It was the first drive-in theater experience I ever had and that memory of the Rangers coming together on the big screen has been with me ever since!”.

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Fletcher can’t wait to dive into the world of Power Rangers throughout Day of Destiny, though two particular elements of the franchise excite him the most. “There is one in particular, but I am gonna give you the dreaded LARP (Live-Action Roleplay) answer of FOIP, which stands for Find Out In Play, as I do not want to spoil any of the amazing story we have told. But aside from that, I was EXTREMELY excited to play around with the iconic monsters of Power Rangers,” Fletcher said. “The monsters make up so much of that world and the stories told over the years and to be able to put those types of monsters onto paper and put my players up against them was so much fun!”

While those elements are ones he’s excited to embrace, there is one element of Roleplaying Games he always looks to avoid.

“I will always avoid the trope of GM vs Players. I believe that everyone at the table is there to tell a cohesive story and it is one of the reasons that I will always ask my players after almost every session, ‘Hey, what are your characters plans moving into the next session? Do they have any goals they would like to meet? Is there anything that has changed since last we talked?’ It is something that my Co-DM from D4 and I started doing early on in our storytelling and I have done it ever since in just about every game I GM,” Fletcher said. “It is a way to not only tell the story that I am writing but also make sure it is the story my players want to be in and help create. There are so many things from Day of Destiny that the players created and contributed that just makes this game and this story ten fold better.”

Fans can see learn more about all of Renegade’s upcoming games at Renegade Con Virtual Special Edition, which kicked off today and concludes at 11:30 PM on Saturday, August 28th.

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